How to Change your Etsy Shop Name?

Change Etsy Shop Name
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Like other online stores and small businesses, Etsy shops are evolving quickly, and every seller wants to convert their shop into a brand. Many sellers start an Etsy shop but don’t have much success. They sell their manufactured product and build a fan base for their product.

At the start, they perform tests by selling different things. Once they find the most selling item, they try to build their brand because, in this way, they can gain more success. For example, you create a shop and sell jackets, but you initially target a specific genre. Once you succeed, you try to build a shop to reflect your brand by covering everything related to jackets.

The first few things you need to do are change the name and logo, email, color palette, and social media accounts if required. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a new seller or an old one wanting to change the shop name; this guide is for you.

Changing your Etsy Shop Name: Steps & FAQ

It’s easy to change your Etsy shop name, and you can do it in a few steps:

  • Go to and click Shop Manager
  • Go to Settings
  • Click Info and Appearances
  • You’ll see the option of Change next to Shop Name
  • Enter the new name
  • Click Save

You might have an idea of shop names on Etsy. Shop names can have only 20 characters. Space and punctuation aren’t allowed. You can use capital letters if you want to distinguish between words. Moreover, the Etsy shop name becomes a URL, so choose it wisely.

Can I Change My Etsy Shop Name Again?

Remember, you can change your shop name as often as you want, but it will be possible when your shop isn’t live. Once the shop is open, you can change it five times by following the above procedure.

You can use the same form to change the name by requesting Etsy support. They will review your request and get back to you.

How Can I Find the Available Shop Names?

When a seller uses a shop name on an open shop, no one can use it again. Remember, it’s not wise to search Etsy for shop names because there is a possibility that a closed shop already takes it.

Remember, regardless of whether the shop is open or closed, once the name is taken it won’t appear again in search results. Moreover, if you want to reuse the name you have on your old account, you can’t use it. If you have closed the shop, you can reopen it but can’t use the name again.

What will you do if the name you’re looking for has intellectual property rights?

For example, you have an intellectual property right for the shop name you’re looking for, but you see the shop name is not currently available. In this case, you can contact a support member to fix the issue.

Furthermore, you can file a notice of intellectual property infringement. Sending a notice doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get the shop name for use immediately.

What happens when you’ll change the name?

After changing the shop name, it will appear on your storefront. Your customers are unlikely to receive a notification about the name change. Therefore, you should announce your name change on social media platforms to inform your customers.

When you don’t let customers know about the name change, customers will feel that the shop is closed. Therefore, you must be transparent and tell your fans about the changes. Update your social media page and send them emails.

When you make it clear to your customers before making any changes, it will keep your customers happy and up-to-date. When you fail to maintain transparency, you’ll start to lose customers.

How many times can the shop name be changed?

Once you get the answer to how to change your Etsy shop name, the next question is, how many times can you do this? The best option is to be clear about the shop name before opening. Therefore, many sellers spend months deciding about the shop name, look, feel, and product selection before shop opening. This strategy can help you establish a brand.

If you’re confused about the shop name, try different names before making your shop live. Once your shop gets live, you can only change the name and appearance up to 5 times. Furthermore, if you have already used a shop name, you can’t use it again. When you change your shop name, the old one will not be available for anyone.

Can I change the shop name in My Shop?

Remember, any major changes you make to your Etsy shop will be done through Shop Manager. It doesn’t matter what type of packaging and delivery method you choose; Shop Manager is the option to choose. Moreover, you can’t make changes directly to your storefront, and you’ll have to use “Shop Manager” settings.

It means that you can’t change the listing information and name from the shop. Therefore use tools and make changes from the settings page.

Everything You Need to Know Before Changing Shop Name

Shop owners must be familiar with the below-given rules when choosing the shop name:

  • You can only use 20 characters in a shop name
  • Spacing and punctuation are not allowed in the shop name
  • Your Etsy shop name becomes your URL, so choose it wisely
  • When deciding the shop name, ensure that it’s according to Etsy guidelines
  • Sellers can change the shop name only five times after making the shop live
  • Owners can change the shop name unlimited times before it goes live
  • When you change your shop name, your old name can’t be used again

So when you decide to change the shop name, you must know these rules. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the shop’s goal when determining the name. Once you change the name and feel that the previous one was better, you can’t go back and reuse it.

When you are clear about your brand name, it will help you choose the best shop name. Whenever you decide to change your shop name, look at these rules multiple times. So, you might face complications later when you choose without reading these rules.

How to Create a Great Etsy Shop Name? Tips for Every Etsy Seller

Ensure that your Etsy shop name reflects your brand, personality, and product. As mentioned earlier, your shop name can’t exceed 20 characters, and you can’t use space and punctuation in the name, so choose the name carefully. Follow the below-given tips for creating a great Etsy shop name:

Collect your shop elements

It’s not easy to do this, but you can collect them by writing all your branding, style, and personality elements. Doing this can narrow down your word selection for the shop name. For example, if you’re an artist and you paint watercolors of woodland animals, you would write the following words:

  • Pawprints
  • Fauna
  • Natural
  • Flora

You can mix these words to create an attractive name. For example, it can be “NaturalPawPrints.” This name has only 16 characters, and more importantly, it meets the Etsy criteria. You can choose something attractive to reflect your brand. You can create a name to tell your audience about your brand by collecting words.

Search for Etsy shops that are similar to yours

When you do this, you’ll get lots of inspiring ideas. We wouldn’t suggest you copy their names or styles. Just take an idea from their names and taglines and create one for your own brand. For example, if you want to sell books or stationery, you can check other shops and see what they are using in their taglines.

So, choose a shop name that reflects your brand and gives your audience an idea about what you sell. If your customers get an idea about your shop without clicking it, it means you have done an excellent job.

Go crazy

You have to pick a unique name, which you can choose by getting crazy. For example, when names are unclear to customers, it will grab their attention, and they would like to visit your shop. Let’s take an example of a shop on Etsy. “ModParty” what does it show? You might be feeling that this shop sells party supplies or something like that, but it’s not the case.

They actually sell wedding decorations, favors, and bridesmaid gifts. Due to their unique name, they’re well known among customers. However, the name is unique and such names can help you stand out from others. They haven’t used the words like bridals, gifts, or favors in their shop name. In fact, they have created a unique name by thinking out of the box.

Keep the future in mind

When choosing the name of an Etsy shop, consider the future. You’ll use your shop name for social media accounts, so try to make them permanent. You can change it five times, but it won’t help you, especially when you have a good customer base. Moreover, it will reflect your personality and brand for years, so choose wisely.

Remember, don’t use inappropriate or odd language in your shop name. When you use this type of name, it will not help you get customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your destiny in mind and consider the future when picking the shop name. If you’re doubtful about the name, just pretend that it will be your shop’s name for the rest of your life, making the selection easier.

Final Words

How to change your Etsy shop name is the most frequently asked question, and we have tried to discuss it in detail. Shop name reflects your brand and personality, so choose it wisely. Moreover, follow the Etsy rules when selecting the shop name. Finally, the above tips can help you choose the best brand name.

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