5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service


Artificial intelligence is more active in the business world than ever before. AI has some positive connotations along with negative ones. Since the work on AI is in progress and adding more features, it provides more benefits for businesses. Businesses can obtain significant advantages by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their customer service offering.

Customer service is linked with the entire organization, so you’ll see significant improvement in the whole organization. In the last two years, businesses have shifted online due to COVID-19, increasing the importance of customer service. Moreover, companies have started to find tools to help their business grow.

Businesses using manual processes now have been forced to use AI in customer service. AI has a significant impact on customer service, but we’ll share the most important benefits. It doesn’t mean that AI is limited to those areas.

5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, AI isn’t limited to these areas, but these are the essential benefits of AI in customer service.

Ability to Handle Large Data Volumes

When the business’s interaction with customers grows, it also increases the data volumes. If you don’t have AI in place, it will be useless to get data. Unfortunately, humans can’t manually handle these large data volumes. Therefore, AI is a valuable tool.

When businesses use AI to process data, they can get valuable insights and predictions about customer behaviors. As a result, companies can create targeted marketing campaigns by solving customers’ complicated issues.

Finally, your business needs to have a robust CRM system for data collection because Excel Sheets are not suitable for handling large data volumes.

Reduction in Average Handling Time

When we talk about the remarkable benefits of AI in customer service, it’s one of them. You must have heard customers complaining about the delays in obtaining service and support.

Thankfully, chatbots have made the process quicker and easier. Now the customers can get answers to their basic inquiries immediately.

More importantly, now, the customers get reminders and notifications in advance. They can receive their services and products in less than 24 hours.

Moreover, they can track the products through delivery programs. Some intangible products and services are delivered online so that clients can enjoy them immediately.

Increases Sales Through Customized Product Offerings

Another critical element of customer service is customization. When customers know that they can get it quickly, they ask for more and more products. Customization allows businesses to reach many new levels of service.

For example, it can start with personalized emails by considering geo-localization, preferences, previous purchases, and tastes. Finally, the customer support agents and chatbots can use this data to improve their interaction.

Presence of Multi-Channel

It allows communicating with customers in many ways and brings positive changes. For example:

  • Customers can contact the company in one way or another
  • These channels are friendly, so they allow customers to keep in touch with the company through many resources

Meanwhile, they have lots of challenges as well. You can’t manage all these channels without AI. Artificial intelligence can help businesses collect data from various resources.

Moreover, it makes centralization of files of each communication channel. When all the data is centralized, and communication is monitored, it provides excellent customer service.

All you need is a single CRM at the backend and ensure that all the agents have access. Moreover, you can try Hubspot, which provides powerful dashboards. It allows you to manage your customer expectations better without considering the channel.

Good Experience with a Company

When companies implement AI tools in their operations, it allows customers to interact better. When every process is equipped with AI, it makes handling the entire process easier.

For example, you’ll send emails to customers by targeting their unique preferences using AI. After that, the customer will order the product and track the delivery status by using AI platforms. After receiving the product or service, the customer can contact the company for feedback through chatbots.

In the end, the customer seamlessly enjoys the products. Some well-known businesses like Amazon are using the same practices. The good news is that other companies have also started implementing these processes.

Helps Companies to Optimize Resources

By using AI in customer service areas, companies can optimize resources. Companies can achieve this optimization in many ways. For example, the human agent can efficiently focus on other tasks like handling complicated inquiries and complaints by implementing chatbots.

Data collection is another helpful tool for analyzing customer behavior and planning your inventory accordingly. Unfortunately, many people are against ML and AI because they fear losing jobs. While valid to some extent, both AI and ML are likely to create plenty of new jobs.

If we talk about the current status of AI, it can’t be entirely operated on its own. Therefore, it requires human intervention. But AI can help you perform simple jobs so that humans can focus on complicated tasks. In simple words, humans and AI will work together, and they’ll not replace each other.

24/7 Availability

It’s the most crucial requirement, especially if running a business globally. Global companies have customers from all over the world, and they have different time zones; therefore, it’s essential to ensure 24/7 availability.

Moreover, customers have different patterns of work and sleep. Consequently, you’ll have to find other ways of communicating with customers.

You can use AI because this technology can help you ensure 24/7 availability throughout the year. Chatbots are excellent for responding to the first message. More importantly, there will be no communication gap even if the staff is offline.

Final Words

AI is somewhat inevitable, and the impacts of AI on customer service are positive. We don’t even notice that AI technology is in everything we handle or use.

The goal of AI development was to improve people’s lives, and it’s doing perfectly in customer service. The most remarkable benefit of AI is the collection and data handling.

Data collection and handling through AI tools have changed the direction of businesses. AI benefits businesses in other areas as well. But customer service success impacts the whole business positively. So, companies need to take advantage of AI to improve their customer service and people’s life.

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