Where to find Tech Talent: Effective Ways to source Technical Talent

Where to find tech talent
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Your company’s future depends on attracting excellent people. Developing a talent pipeline improves your chances of employing the best candidates for future growth. Identifying innovative ways to find and source tech talent underpins this success.

The appropriate applicant will reduce turnover and boost productivity. Hiring the incorrect applicant can hurt corporate culture and waste resources training a temporary worker. Your recruitment team must engage candidates and streamline the process to target the ideal experts.

You must target the proper applicants when creating your talent pipeline. This includes online recruitment tactics like creating your career page and portraying your organization as an exciting place to work online. Encourage employee referrals and attend events to meet prospects in person.

Make your Organization standout

Every company and service must have an appealing online presence in the modern business environment. The company’s website will likely be the first point of contact for potential candidates. Potential candidates should be provided with a clear sense of the company’s mission and culture on the homepage. This is particularly true for businesses wanting to attract tech talent, as they can immediately identify a poorly designed website.

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Diversify your online talent sourcing channels

It would help to combine your brand with online venues attracting job hunters. With so many online publishers, you must be strategic about where and how you place ads. Up to date, relevant postings are crucial.

Most recruiters have preferred candidate sources. However, less conventional websites may be more open to outreach messaging, and profiles might give unique information for personalized outreach.

The trick is to comprehend your target applicants to anticipate where to find them online more accurately. Check out Triplebyte if you’re seeking engineers, Hired if you’re seeking IT talent, and Underdog if you’re looking to hire for a startup. If you’re new to job sourcing, rely on your team members to figure out where to go by asking them questions like:

  • From someone who has studied this subject for a long time, where would you start looking for this?
  • Where might this group of people hang out?
  • What other companies work on similar technologies, products, or services?
  • Do people who do this job have more than one title? What do they mean?
  • Aevy, AngelList (for tech talent), Entelo, Facebook, Hired, Sourcing.io, Twitter, and Xing are some more general but valuable online sourcing sites.


Social networking platforms focusing on business and employment, such as LinkedIn, can simplify the screening process, making it easier to select candidates who are the best fit for an organization.

This gives organizations a broad canvas to target individuals who meet their requirements. You can also improve the exposure of your company by creating a brand page on LinkedIn, which will allow you to advertise job openings on the platform.


Facebook is used for advertising brands and gathering consumer data. Facebook Canvas is the latest ad format. This new web ad puts a small ad on the site that viewers can swipe through carousels, examine photographs, and interact with.

Brands use Canvas to make interactive ads, but recruiters can use it to generate beautiful job advertisements. 42% more page clicks for brands and companies. Recruiters can target and engage tech applicants utilizing this channel. Clicks can be used to refine a company’s recruitment efforts.

Include offline recruitment methods

Without a doubt, internet methods increase your engagement. However, offline recruitment methods remain a formidable force. Meeting people offline and in person at events is a terrific approach to sourcing fresh candidates.

Attend job- or industry-specific conferences and events, or arrange your meetups, to bring together groups of individuals with whom you’d like to connect. After an in-person interview, there will be less competition to stand out as an employer, and prospects will be more likely to reply to your follow-up messages.

Furthermore, when finding tech talent, ask other members of your organization attend events to keep an eye out for exceptional individuals as well.

Participate in University Job Fairs

Developing links with preeminent tech universities is essential for finding the best tech talent. To successfully create your company’s reputation in a particular school, you must offer internship programs that lead to gainful employment.

One of our most effective strategies is to attend university career fairs alongside members of our engineering team. Bringing technical talent allows potential engineers to ask technical questions and meet individuals with whom they may eventually work.

This will enable students in the technology field to meet potential future coworkers and gain inspiration.

Source talent for roles you don’t have open yet

Most recruiters follow the “I have X job to fill, so I’ll find candidates for X job” approach. The most proficient recruiters are proactive with their sourcing and anticipate future roles.

A proactive strategy starts with personalities. How?

First, review your growth strategies. Build a workforce hiring strategy that shows when recruits must be made to preserve your company’s vision and cost model.

Once you know which teams to develop, you may engage with Finance and HR to define the required level and skillsets. Gather your talents and knowledge about the organization and team culture to start sourcing for specific profiles (personas).

Next Steps: Use the right tool

Whoever is sourcing has a million balls in the air simultaneously. Managing this activity in documents and spreadsheets can quickly spiral out of control, but until now, that’s what most recruiters have had to do until now.

Utilizing the proper recruiting tools allows you to streamline your process, organize your approach, and effectively source the top applicants.

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