Writing Amazing Amazon Product Descriptions


Amazon is the biggest online marketplace that sells millions of products each year. Now the question is, what can you do to make yourself different from others? You can do this by writing relevant, SEO optimized, amazing Amazon product descriptions to grab the customer’s attention.

Below, you can learn how to write amazing Amazon product descriptions to boost your sales.

7 Top Tips for writing compelling Amazon Product Descriptions

Follow these tips for writing amazon product descriptions and improving your sales.

Find Relevant Keywords

Well-chosen keywords always play a crucial role, whether it’s about SEO or selling products. Amazon is a crowded marketplace, and when you don’t use your keywords wisely, you will not get the best results.

Before writing the product description:

  • find the most relevant keywords through keyword research
  • Use tools like Keyword Planner, Amazon’s Merchant Words, and Amazon ASIN to find relevant keywords
  • Don’t forget to analyze your competitor’s strategies and keywords

You can go with medium search volume but ensure that competition is low. It can still help you gain lots of sales. When you go for more search volume, the competition will increase, and it isn’t easy to get sales.

Put Yourself in Customer Shoes

You write descriptions for customers, so ensure that you focus on important things for customers. Sometimes we focus on convincing customers that it’s the best product and you must buy it. It’s not the proper practice. The best way is to write a description in such a way to let them know that this product is right for them and it can fulfill their needs.

When you keep yourself in a customer’s place, you know what information you need about the product. Moreover, you want to know the pros and cons of the product to make your decision.

For example, you’re selling a toy that stimulates kids’ mental and physical development, so how would you describe your product to convince parents. In this case, you would say this product fulfills two needs. As far kids have concerned, this toy offers fun, and for parents, it’s helpful because it helps in the development of children.

In other words, you can say that after using this product, you can expect these results. After setting a tone, explain your product so that it must fulfill customer expectations.

Read Positive Customer Reviews

Customer reviews always play a crucial role in the success and failure of any business. You will have some reviews if you’re in business for a while. After reading these reviews, you can find something that can help you improve your product description.

For example, you are selling watches on Amazon. You write everything about the product in your product description, but you don’t discuss packaging. When customer reviews your product in this way:

  • “I have received the product, and it was packed in a wooden box that I wasn’t expecting. The box itself looks a wonderful gift.”
  • “Wow, I have received my watch in an amazing wooden box. I loved it because it was packed in a wooden box means it’s not contributing to environmental pollution as other plastic packing do.”

You can get positives from these reviews and use them in the product description to get an edge over your competitors. Moreover, if you’re offering something special, don’t forget to mention it in your product description. If the feature is exciting, add it in the first line. This practice can help you get more positive reviews and sales.

Take Negative Feedbacks Seriously

Like positive reviews, negative reviews also help to improve the product description. After reading negative reviews, you can get an idea of critical issues in your product. For example, you sell dresses on Amazon and receive reviews like this:

  • “The dress is good overall, but it’s slightly tight on the shoulders and chest. It looks like a straight jacket.”
  • “Very snug, and it’s not easy to move arms.”

These reviews indicate that customers are not happy with your product; how can you use these reviews to your advantage?

You can use the word super-tight in your product description and provide the additional sizes guide. It will help customers know more about the product and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Check the Customer’s Q/A Section

Many customers often ask questions before placing an order, so the best way is to answer them in the product description. In this section, you can add more details of the product.

For example, you sell jackets, and the customer asks whether the product is washable or not? You can discuss it in the product description by providing some guidelines for washing.

The more details you cover in your product description, the more orders you’ll get. When the shoppers get all the information from your description, they will go anywhere else. Moreover, a detailed product description will reduce product returns because customers know what to expect.

Keep it Concise and Relevant

There is no perfect length for writing an Amazon product description. Ensure that description is to the point and provide value to the audience. For example, you can write 300 words description for an innovative product.

If the product is common, you don’t need to write a lengthy description and describe your product’s features in a few short sentences. You need to check your product title and description on mobile, so adjust characters accordingly.

Don’t add irrelevant or unnecessary details because it can also take your customer’s away from your product. For example, you sell backpacks for dog owners or college students. Don’t discuss the technology used in their manufacturing because your target audience is interested in knowing about the product instead of the technology used.

You can talk about colors, space, weight, and a washing guide. These points are crucial, and customers also want to get this information.

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points look attractive, and they make the text easy to read. Moreover, customers can quickly know which points are essential. It also helps them understand the benefits of products. When you write a well-structured and easy-to-read description, it attracts more customers.

Put the most crucial benefits and points at the top of the list. If possible, ensure that the length of sentences in bullets is the same; it can also increase the conversion rate, as most customers don’t have time to read long paragraphs.

When you highlight important points, it becomes easy for customers to scan them. More eye catchy description will bring more sales.


Most people find it challenging to write a product description. Still, you can’t imagine the benefits of an effective killer description. Perhaps it’s the most crucial factor that brings sales. You have to do everything right to stand out from your competitors.

In summary:

  • Use the most searched keywords
  • Stay focused and to the point. Structure your description well
  • Use reviews to your advantage
  • Visit the Q/A section to check customer queries and address them in the product description
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