How to Revise Feedback on eBay: Optimizing Your eBay Selling Experience

How to Revise Feedback on eBay
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How to Revise Feedback on eBay: eBay is a website used for online auctions that allow users to buy and sell items there. You can easily buy new or used products depending on your requirements.

Every seller is free to set their terms and conditions as per the product, including shipment options, return policy, etc. Not just this, but a buyer is also given an unrestricted right to provide feedback related to the product he bought. Feedback can be both negative and positive.

What is Feedback?

Feedback is an honest review given by the product user about their experience. The experience depends on the product quality, looks, branding, delivery timings, and quantity.

A customer who will be satisfied with the product and the service will leave positive feedback.

The problem arises when your product is not up to the mark to satisfy the customer’s demand. This leads to negative feedback on its website or through the social site they ordered.

What do you need to know about Negative feedback?

Negative feedback can be because of a mistake on the buyer’s or seller’s end. Sometimes, customers leave negative feedback because of their issues with the supplier, or they might have given the wrong order instruction and later refused to accept it.

On the other hand, the supplier can also be a mistake in not delivering the product correctly. This is where it becomes essential for websites like eBay to give the option to revise and manage feedback.

What is a Feedback Revision?

A feedback revision is when there is a change made in rating or feedback by the buyer of a product following a revision request by the supplier and a solution found for the customer.

Their feedback score judges the seller’s reputation on eBay, affecting the seller’s profitability.

What Should your First Step be?

People mistakenly believe submitting a feedback revision request is the first step in revising feedback. However, the first step is to make direct contact with the buyer.

When you get to the page with all of the feedback and find negative feedback, click on the contact buyer option. This will take you to a page where you can explain the situation to the buyer. He has two options in this situation.

First, he informs the buyer of the problem and assures him that it will not occur again. The second thing he can do is resolve the problem by sending a replacement product or compensating for the amount and apologizing for the inconvenience.

Request a Feedback Revision

The correct time to request a feedback revision is just after having a conversation with the buyer. When you have tried your level best to resolve the issue faced by the buyer, you can ask him to remove the negative feedback that he gives.

If he is willing to revise his input, the seller can request the feedback revision through eBay.

There are two exceptions to this.

  • If you have exceeded the limit of revision requests, then you are not eligible to request a new one.
  • If the feedback has become 30 days old, eBay doesn’t allow you to change it.

Things you need to Consider

If you think revising feedback is easy, you might be wrong. We are not saying that it is one hectic thing, but it has proper steps to follow. It would be best to consider a few things when writing a note to the buyer. Read about them below.

  • You need to remind the customer about your efforts to resolve the customer’s issue. This includes any offer given for future discounts or compensation.
  • You need to explain to the buyer the importance of feedback for a business and how negative feedback affects the profitability and goodwill of the company.
  • You need to explain the process by giving precise details about how to revise feedback on eBay, or a link can also be attached to the note.

How to submit a Feedback Request

We are finally on the primary step of the process: submitting a feedback request.

eBay portal is the account made when you register on eBay, either as a buyer, supplier, or organization. You need to go to the main eBay page and click the “Go to feedback forum” link.

This link will direct you to another page where you can see many options.

Select the “Request feedback revision” link. You are going to see a lot of feedback entries there.

Select the one for which you want to submit the request.

The buyer has ten days to respond after submitting the feedback request. They have three options: accepting the request and revising the feedback, denying it, or simply ignoring it.

Immediate Feedback Removal

Sometimes eBay removes the feedback on its own. This doesn’t happen very often.

When a buyer leaves threatening, offensive, or obscene feedback for the seller, it will either not be posted at all, or if it is, eBay will remove it within some time.

The same action will be taken if the buyer has mistakenly shared any personal details about the seller in the feedback.

Respect the Buyer’s Decision

This is an important reminder for every seller selling their items on eBay or any other website. All of us know that customers play a crucial role in bringing goodwill and profits to the business. Every market company follows the out-in approach, also called a modern marketing approach. They first know about the customer by doing market research and then manufacture the product according to it.

Now you get to know how much a customer is essential. This is the reason you should respect the decision of the buyer.

If a buyer doesn’t agree to edit the feedback, then be content that you put your efforts into resolving the issue on your part.

Final Thoughts

Websites like eBay are made to provide buyers and sellers the comfort of exchanging products and feedback with each other. Feedback can be of both types, positive and negative. When negative feedback pops up on the feedback page, a buyer gets concerned and feels the need to do something about it.

Negative feedback means that the customer wasn’t satisfied with your services, and the matter needs to get resolved immediately. This should be done by the feedback revision request option given by eBay.

Contact the buyer, make efforts to sort the matter, request a feedback revision, and then leave the case to the customer. Remember, negative feedback is not the end of the world.

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