How do Virtual PBXs help you reduce Telephone bills?


For SMEs, the phone is a life line. As a small business owner, you’re always on the run and need to use your phone on a regular basis to contact clients, distributors, staff and others.

With the arrival of Smart Phones it has become possible to conduct many elements of the business with the phone.

As helpful as the phone is to assist you do the business from the road, all that heavy usage can add up to a pretty hefty phone bill. If you aren’t cautious you may easily incur hundreds, and even 1000’s, of pounds in phone bills in a short time.

So, is there any solution to cut back this expense and still have the ability to conduct business on the go?

The answer is yes. Internet and broadband has made it possible to make use of what known as a Virtual PBX that will allow you to get all of the functionality, and more, at a fraction of the cost.

A Virtual PBX is like a phone switchboard that businesses would set up on their premises to have the ability to have a number of phone lines and get extra functionality.

The Virtual PBX allows you get all that without having to put in the switchboard in your premises. The companies offering this have primarily a cloud based infrastructure that lets you get the functionality over the internet.

Virtual PBX can present extra functionality that conventional phone lines can not match. For instance, you can also make phonecalls using traditional landline, mobile phone, and even your desktop computer or laptop.

You can customise it to route the calls to any phone you want depending on the place you happen to be at any given time. A Virtual PBX continues to be capable of providing all the standard options such as Voicemail, Call Blocking, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Three-way Calling and more.

It can provide all of those functionalities at a fraction of the cost, taking advantage of shared infrastructure and the power to deliver it over internet.

As a SME if you are looking to reduce your telephone expense without sacrificing features and high quality calls, you should undoubtedly look into Virtual PBX.

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