Getting rid of your outdated gadgets safely


A few of us might have been lucky recently to unwrap a shiny new laptop computer, smartphone or tablet. But what about our previous devices?

General guidance

The one rule you must at all times adhere to is back-up your information often. Usually, if it entails your smartphone, you may back up your knowledge to the cloud or your laptop.

If it entails your laptop, you should use a mix of cloud and external drive. Whichever fits your needs better, however simply be sure you do it so you’ll not lose any sensitive information you could want in the future.


Most laptop users assume that formatting their hard drive signifies that they have wiped their information from the drive, which merely put, is untrue.

The information continues to be recoverable from your drive even after you format it. Wiping the drive in your laptop varies from operating system to working system.

If you have got a Mac, the method is quite easy and simple. You can use the built-in Disk Utility feature to wipe your drive; it even lets you decide how thoroughly you wish to wipe it.

If you are operating Windows, there is no built-in disk wiper, however there are a number of options you could use. You can browse online for the most reviewed utility to suit your requirements, however the free versions of some may only work with mechanical hard drives.

For solid-state drives (SSDs), then we propose referring to the manufacturers’ websites for their drive utilities. If you need to go above and beyond, then there may be the of physically destroying your drive. If you’re well versed in how drives work, you may destroy the necessary components yourself.

The other choice is visiting a specialist service that has machines, comparable to shredders or crushers to get rid of your disk. Fair warning though, not all computers have easily removable drives. Macs, for instance, have SSDs soldered to their motherboards.


Smartphones have their very own utilities which can be implemented within the system to make the method as streamlined as possible. If you’re getting rid of your outdated iPhone, first sign out of all of your services, i.e. iTunes, iCloud, App Store, etc. Then go through your Settings, enter the Reset menu, and select Erase All Content and Settings.

If you’re planning on passing along your Android device, the method could differ a bit from manufacturer to manufacturer, however the process needs to be roughly the same. Start by removing the security measures just like the Lock display screen, then move on to removing the accounts you’re signed in with.

To go the additional mile, encrypt the information in your device and after that’s accomplished run the Factory Data Reset in your device. If you’re utilising an SD card, don’t forget to pop it out.


Be environmentally friendly. If you intend to get rid of the device, don’t simply throw it away. Look for locations that recycle used digital devices. They include helpful sources that can be utilised in manufacturing future devices.

If you’re undecided, find out how to go about it, you may check with the manufacturer’s website or the local government should be able to provide reasonable advice.

If you are not planning on handing a still functional device on to a relative, think about donating it.

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