Speed up hotel check-in with facial recognition

Hotels in Singapore are trialing the usage of facial-recognition technology to enable guests to check-in faster and increase employee productivity in an initiative that’s linked up with the city-state’s immigration authorities.

In a statement by the Singapore Tourism Board and local hotel association, the new system, which was launched recently, permits guests to use a mobile phone or kiosk to confirm their identity, eliminating the necessity for manual checks.

It was further stated, that the use of such technology can lessen check-in times by as much as 70%.  Authorities in Singapore are continuously looking out for methods to advertise automation and increase employee productivity, both to enhance efficiency and regulate the constraints imposed by an ageing workforce.

Tourism accounts for about 4% of the nation’s gross domestic product.

The facial-recognition system, referred to as E-Visitor Authentication, permits visitors to scan their passport and take a photograph, with data then despatched to immigration to attest to the validity of their visit. So far, it’s being piloted at 3 hotels.

One of the customers, Grand Park City Hall, estimated the new process decreased check-in time for a visitor, from five minutes to about one minute.

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